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Na Keiki ‘Elima/ The Five Keiki (bilingual version)

Na Keiki ‘Elima/ The Five Keiki (bilingual version)

Price: $12.00

Code: 978-0-87336-252-8

Recommended Age: Keiki (ages 4-8)

Bilingual version

When five children go spear fishing, they start telling each other about all the fish they’re going to catch. They quickly see that bragging about your i‘a before you catch them might just leave you hoka (empty-handed)!

About the Author and Illustrator:

William H. “Pila” Wilson is a professor with Ka Haka ‘Ula o Ke’elikölani College of Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawai‘i – Hilo and has been part of the effort to revitalize Hawaiian language since the early 1980s.

Lilinoe Andrews is the author of several Hawaiian language children’s titles developed for use in the Pünana Leo preschools and Hawaiian language immersion education. Her works include I Mea Aha ke Kai / What is the Kai for? and Kelekolio, the Little Manini, all of which are produced in collaboration with ‘Aha Pünana Leo and Kamehameha Publishing.

The ‘Aha Pünana Leo, Inc. was established in 1983 to revitalize the Hawaiian language primarily through schools taught entirely in Hawaiian. In 1896 a law was passed banning the use of Hawaiian as a medium of education in Hawai‘i’s classrooms. After 90 years, this law was reversed in 1986.

The ‘Aha Pünana Leo has grown to include eleven preschools, the establishment and support of three K–12 sites, a scholarship program and other educational programs that promote the growth of Hawaiian as a daily language. For more information visit to

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